Escape and Freedom by Claire Highton-Stevenson, narrated by Sarah Sampino

I read Escape and Freedom when it first came out, and I loved it. Claire Highton-Stevenson can always be counted on for a great book, and this is no exception.

The book opens with the back story of one of the main characters. Lucy is a rising pop star with a girlfriend she is in love with. She suffers a major tragedy, moves to Lake Tahoe, California, and becomes a recluse.

Years later, Nicole and her children are on the run from her abusive husband. She moves into a cabin near Lucy. At first the children and Nicole avoid Lucy. Eventually, though, apprehension gives way to friendship via Nicole’s oldest daughter, Storm.

Storm and Lucy become friends first, and this causes Lucy start opening her heart to this family. I loved how the relationship between Storm and Lucy really was the catalyst for Lucy and Nicole’s healing and growth. Both these women were damaged and were ultimately able to help one another heal. It is such an exceptionally beautiful story.

The narration was good. I felt like Sara Sampino did a good job with distinguishing voices, and her narration of the kids was spot on. She did emphasize some words that made the dialogue between Lucy and Nicole a little stiff at times, but it did not take away from the story, and it was still very enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, this is a fantastic book, and in many ways the audio enhances it. It will definitely be one of the books that lives near the top of my library so I can listen to it periodically.



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