The Different Faces of Cheryl

My wife has some interesting personality traits. A couple of those have made appearances recently. Now you have to understand, that 95% of the time, Cheryl is sweet and innocent. It’s that 5% you have to worry about.

One of my personal favorites, when not directed at me, is Passive Aggressive Cheryl. She was in line and this rude guy behind her was playing a game on his phone with the sound on. He was also invading her personal space. Cheryl pulls her phone out, turns on the sound, faces the guy, and starts to play her own game. After a few seconds she says loudly, “Oops, I need to turn my sound off so I don’t *bother* people around me.’

While she’s no angel when it comes to language, it’s rarely directed at specific people, except when Road Rage Cheryl makes an appearance. So we are in the car and this guy cuts her off. She screams, “Fuck you, ass wipe.”

Of course there’s my very favorite Cheryl… Intoxicated Cheryl. See many previous blog posts for the misadventures of this particular Cheryl.

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