Car Problems

Cheryl comes in the house practically in tears.

Cheryl: The check engine light came on and it’s sputtering. I was afraid I wasn’t going to get home. I’m taking your car to finish errands.

Me: I’ll drive your car in a bit and see what’s going on. She leaves, I finish what I was doing and then go to check her car out.

I start the car. It sounds fine. No Check engine light. I proceed to drive it around for about five miles. It drives fine.

I return home to find Cheryl in front of the TV.

Me: Honey, whatever it was doing, it isn’t doing it now.

Cheryl: I’m not crazy.

Me: I don’t think you are; however, it’s not doing it now, so there’s nothing for me to diagnose.

Cheryl: It really didn’t do anything? The check engine light isn’t on?

Me: It drove fine. Do you want to go out with me and see for yourself?

Cheryl: (Exasperated sighing) No. It won’t do it again until I’m alone, because it clearly likes you better!

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