I was Answering You… in My Head

We were lying in bed this morning. I was doing an initial read through for a book I’m beta reading, and Cheryl was dozing.

Cheryl: What’s for breakfast?

Me: I can cook. I don’t really want to go out.

Cheryl: Okay, that sounds good.

Me: What should I cook?

Cheryl: (Silence, followed by a subtle snore.)

Me: Okay, clearly, you are not *that* hungry.

Cheryl: What do you mean?

Me: Honey, you fell asleep instead of answering the question.

Cheryl: No, I wasn’t asleep.

Me: Umm, yeah, you kinda were.

Cheryl: No, I was answering you.

Me: Honey, you were snoring.

Cheryl: But, I was really answering you… in my head.

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