You Mean It’s Not Just Hulu

A little background. We have had an Apple TV in our living room for a few years now. We primarily watch Hulu. Apple TV has Siri. We just replaced our Roku in the bedroom with A Fire Stick, which has Alexa. Tonight, the following happened (also, Cheryl might be slightly inebriated):

Cheryl: Alexa, play Family Guy on Hulu. (The TV shows the Hulu logo but doesn’t load Hulu). Honey, I don’t think Hulu is working.

Me: You can watch Golden Girls on Prime. We own the series.

Cheryl: How do I get there?

Me: (taking the remote) Alexa, play Golden Girls on Prime.

Cheryl starts laughing hysterically

Me: What’s so funny?

Cheryl: I thought the voice command only worked for Hulu.

Me: Cheryl, I just can’t with you sometimes.

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