Soapboxes and Choices

Watching Derry Girls with our friend Zack.

Cheryl: I need you to explain the history here.

Me: This show takes place during the Troubles. A 40+ year civil war in Ireland. That only ended in the early 2000. One faction, the pro Irish IRA, would bomb things, and kill people en mass.

Zack: They were a domestic terrorist organization.

Me: They separated Ireland and Northern Ireland and signed a peace treaty. Now Boris Johnson is going to fuck it all up.

Cheryl: No, I didn’t want you to get on your soap box.

Me: Cheryl, how long have you known me? I always get on my soap box.

Cheryl: I need you not to.

Me: I don’t really have a choice.

Cheryl: Sometimes there has to be.

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